With the launch of Sanctum, the concept of FPS Tower Defense was born, and the game has by now sold in over 500 000 units. In Sanctum the player takes the role as Skye, an elite soldier sent out to protect her hometown Elysion One from an invading alien force. To your help you have a massive arsenal of defensive towers. To succeed you have to construct and upgrade defensive structures. What makes Sanctum unique from other Tower Defense games is that when the havoc starts, you jump right into the action with your own weapons and play a key role in the defense. Sanctum has taken the best features from First Person Shooters and Tower Defense games to create something totally unique.

  • Free Mazing - Construct Your Ultimate Defense!
  • Unique Experience by Mixing FPS and Tower Defense
  • 4-player Co-Op Action
  • Multiple Game Modes
  • Towers named Penetrator & Violator!
  • Text-To-Speech!
15 April, 2011