How We Make Up New Stuff

Posted: 2014-01-31
Posted by: Armin Ibrisagic

How we make up new stuff

So Sanctum 2 has been released, the Season Pass has been completed, we’re all happy in our little Swedish city far up in the north. But what now?

We don’t want to be like Call of Modern Battleghosts and release a new game every year, so Sanctum 3 will have to wait. So what game should we make next? (Haha no but seriously, the people at Call of Modern Battleghosts are amazing and talented developers, props to them!)

Since we’re a complete self-financed studio, we don’t have a publisher that dictates what project we should work on. Total freedom.


We can work on whatever we want.

…so what should we work on?


Here’s what’s been happening at Coffee Stain Studios:

For the last few months, every Friday has been Creative Friday. That means every employee gets to work on their own game idea one day a week. We had a list of about 50 different game ideas, each more impressive and awesome than the other. Lord Protector Gaben would be proud, even Molyneux would approve! We want to make sure that everyone at the company has the chance to get their voice heard, after all, we’ll be working on our new game(s?) for years to come.

We recently had a meeting where we got together and discussed and voted for which 5-6 game ideas we should take to the next phase. Now we’re in the process of refining those ideas, working on the art style and defining the core gameplay. In a couple of weeks, we’re going to have another meeting where we’ll present our ideas and the remaining 2-3 games will go on to the prototyping phase. Once the prototypes are done, we’ll vote again and choose the game that’s the most fun and has the highest potential, and start developing it!

Right now we’re refining some really really interesting and awesome game ideas, but I don’t want to post them here yet until we’re sure of what games we’re going to develop. However, we have decided that we want to keep our development process even more open than it’s been so far – we want our fans to be able to see what we’re doing and give us feedback on it as early as possible in the development process. That also means that we’ll start updating this blog much more frequently, and that you’ll get to know us as a studio much better over the coming couple of months.

The fact that we’re prototyping new game ideas doesn’t mean that we’ll stop updating Sanctum 2 though, - there’s a demand for it then we'll put in new stuff there as well!

All in all things are very exciting right now at Coffee Stain Studios, and I really hope you’ll stay updated with us in coming blogposts!



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