Goat Simulator? Goat Simulator!

Posted: 2014-02-13
Posted by: Armin Ibrisagic

Goat Simulator started out as a small project to help us relax after Sanctum 2 and to train some of our new programmers in the Unreal Engine.

A couple of weeks later we crashed the goat into some props, and suddenly 2.3 million views!

People were proclaiming Goat Simulator as GOTY 2014 and bombarding us with requests to finish the game and release it. Since there obviously was a demand, we naturally wanted people to play the game. With demand for Goat Simulator rising, we started looking at what more we could add to the game, as people’s expectations were high already. In short, Goat Simulator was inspired from skating games made 10-15 years ago. The idea is that, instead of being a skater, you're a goat, and instead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff. You get points for breaking a window with your head, but if you manage to break it by headbutting a bucket into the window while doing a backflip, you'll get even more points!

As we have the core gameplay nailed down already, we will put some extra time on making the stuff around Goat Simulator work well, such Steam Leaderboards for example. We want tons of different leaderboards where people can compete and show off their gotyness in categories such as total air time, biggest combo, and total goat collision force. We also figured Steam Workshop would be an incredibly awesome tool for Goat Simulator to let people mod in their own levels, both serious levels and crazy ones (some Happy Wheels levels are hilarious!) and since the game is so small, implementing Steam Workshop would take a small fraction of the time it would take to implement it in, say, any of the Sanctum games.

Since I’ve used this blogpost to tell you what Goat Simulator will be all about, I’d also like to add what it won’t be about. We won’t be expanding the game for years and bloating it, we want to keep it small, weird and stupid - that’s why we’re releasing it as early as this spring 2014. Goat Simulator won’t be an enormous open-world adventure like GTA with goats, but if it can make you laugh for an hour then I feel we’ve succeeded.

Thanks for all the support!




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