Development Update #23 - DLC4, The Last Stand!

Posted: 2013-12-12
Posted by: Armin Ibrisagic

Development Update #23 - DLC4, The Last Stand!

It's happening!

The fourth and final DLC for the Sanctum 2 Season Pass is out, this is The Last Stand!

Lume activity has increased exponentially and you and your fellow Core Guardians find yourselves more outnumbered than ever. People at Elysion One are panicking, and you and your squad are the final vanguard of humanity.

One of the meanest enemies you'll see is the Spore Keeper, who can jump up in the air to launch a homing projectile at you. Luckily, you have access to two new weapons, one of them being the Plasma Rifle, that shoots plasma orbs with its secondary fire, which you can then detonate by shooting them with your primary fire mode!

Of course you'll get two new towers as well, one of them being Orbital Strike Relay tower that calls down a sattelite lazor strike from the sky!


There will also of course be four new maps, one of them being a remake of the classic old Arc map. Also, to help you face the new enemies in The Last Stand, the Bright Foundation has placed the most powerful weapon you've seen so far on three of the four new maps - The Rolfinator Defensive Turret, a turret that you can actually jump inside yourself and control to obliterate the enemies from afar.

Also, you'll get 8 new unlockable perks this time, one of them being the Roboticist Perk, which spawns a red SiMo unit that will fight for you and obey your commands!

The Last Stand will be added to you on Steam automagically if you own the Season Pass, which you can get over here:


Armin Ibrisagic
Game Designer & PR Manager
Coffee Stain Studios



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It seems the disposable SiMo and G2 are incontrollable for me too... fix it, coffeestain,please!

I noticed the same glitch wich makes the perk that spawns the disposable robot useless since you cant really control it or tell it where to got, there is the exact same problem with the G-2 robot that never obeys your orders but listens you your friends. everyone on steam have the same glitch! Fix please!

I love the game and the brilliant minimalistic concept art but sadly there are 2 major glitches: first the disposal simo unit does not obey my commands only my friends, same with the little G-2 robot, only my coop partners can set it to aggressive or defensive mode not me. can you fix this please?

Love the update, but we want more. :P How about a guns DLC pack? Flamethrower with an alt fire napalm aoe ground dispersement please? New shotgun that allows for bleed damage with an alt that allows you to spend all your ammo in a single shot?

Really great update. I played the levels in the beta and I really enjoyed the music... are you guys going to add the music to the Soundtrack?


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