Development Update #21: DLC3 - The Pursuit!

Posted: 2013-10-22
Posted by: Armin Ibrisagic

Development Update #21: DLC3 - The Pursuit!

Wondering why it's been so quiet here at Coffee Stain? That's because the third DLC for Sanctum 2 called The Pursuit, will be launching on October 25th on Steam!

I know what you're thinking - OH GOD I CANT CONTAIN MYSELF - but just read on a bit more before you throw yourself in a cold lake to cool down - cause we have some pretty awesome stuff lined up:

- Remember that Titan you shot before? Now he's wounded and running, and you'll be pursuing him through the outskirts of Elysion One through four new playable maps.

Also, you'll naturally be getting two new unlockable weapons. The Drone Launcher is by far my favorite weapon so far, it looks like a god damn portable aircraft carrier. It fires small homing drones that shoot lazors at your enemies, and they'll be all like NO NOT THE BEES

Of course, you'll need the additional new stuff, because we've got two new enemies coming as well, one of them is the Heavy Pup, and one of them is the Bliskeblaske. Bliskeblaske is equally hard to explain as its name is stupid, so here's a screenshot of it instead:

Damn that weapon is awesome.

Of course, you'll be getting two new towers as well, one of them being a Mind Control Spire, which mind controls enemies, letting them fight for you instead!

You'll also be getting seven new perks as well. The one I like the most is the Reinforcements perk - it has a chance to spawn Explorers with shields every time you kill an enemy. Pretty crazy stuff. 

Thanks for reading!

Armin Ibrisagic
Game Designer & PR Manager,
Coffee Stain Studios,




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