Development Update #20 – PS3 release and DLC2!

Posted: 2013-09-06
Posted by: Armin Ibrisagic

Development update #20 – PS3 release and DLC2!

The second DLC for Sanctum 2, Ruins of Brightholme, is now out on Steam!

Ruins of Brightholme will add the following things:

- Four new maps!
- Rank Cap increased by 5!
- Two new weapons, the visceral melee Circle Saw that will rip apart your enemies, and the Nail Gun that can either fire large nails, or set up nail traps!
- Two new towers, the random Makeshift Tower that sometimes crits and sometimes turns itself off, and the Rupture trap dispenser that lets you set up bear traps that bleed your enemies out!
- Two new enemies, the Jumper and the Infected Explorer, a hybrid between a human and a walker!
- SEVEN new perks, including the THOR MODULE that causes a tower to emit a shockwave whenever it kills an enemy!

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, we don’t want our DLCs in Sanctum 2 to work like they did in Sanctum 1, where you could buy single towers for $1. Our goal with DLCs in Sanctum 2 is for them to be more like big expansions that add lots of replayability to the game for our biggest fans.

Finally, I want to talk a bit about consoles as well! A couple of days ago we proudly announced the release date for Sanctum 2 on Playstation Network. We can’t wait until our PS3 community finally gets their hands on Sanctum 2!

The PS3 version will include the very popular patch that increases the tower cap and automatically distributes resources to all players both in singleplayer and multiplayer. We’re currently working on patching the XBLA version up as well.

After the PS3 version has been released we will start porting the first two DLCs to XBLA. I don't have a release date yet, but as soon as we do we’ll let you know!

That’s all for now, have fun and play a lot of Sanctum 2 <3



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