Posted: 2015-09-21
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Armin Ibrisagic

There's more goat work to do now than ever, so we've decided to expand our studio at Coffee Stain by adding 3 new people to it!

But I'm not going to tell you about them, they'll do that themselves. Here are three hello's, straight from the goat's mouth:

Regina Kovács - Level Design Intern


Level designer by day, hobby artist at night. Full time cynical smartass.

Studies at The Game Assembly eventually lead me to an internship with Coffee Stain Studios.

As an adventure enthusiast at heart, I enjoy games that offer exploration, mobility to traverse large environments and rewards for the natural human curiosity.

Self portrait:

Marie Kauffeldt - Artist


Hejhej, I am an absentminded 3D artist fueling my way through the day with the help of cute animal Gifs and coffee.

I really wanted my next workplace to be smaller, with a bunch of funny and nice people creating a friendly and creative atmosphere. So, needless to say, I'm really happy to get to join this awesome crew!


(that one was pretty disturbing, wasn't it?)

Gabriella Eriksson - 2d concept artist
Hey, I’m Gabriella, the new 2d artist at Coffe Stain Studios. I don’t like to write about myself and I’m pretty awesome at painting, so here's a picture:
Posted: 2015-08-12
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Armin Ibrisagic

Goat Simulator has finally been released on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4!

Now everyone with a PS3 or PS4 can enjoy the latest in goat simulation technology. Here are some highlights:

  • You can be a goat

  • You can blow stuff up

  • Multiplayer - local co-op allows for 2 players on PS3 and up to 4 players on PS4.

  • You can headbutt stuff

  • You can fly (with the help of a helicopter or jet pack)

Pretty cool, right? And if that part where you could be a goat didn't get you excited enough, we've also added GoatVR to this version of Goat Simulator as an exclusive feature. You really have to see it to believe it. That's all we're going to say about that feature. Seriously.

In case you haven't seen the Goat Simulator trailer at Playstation's official Youtube channel, you can view it here.(Wow, never thought I'd say that sentence a couple of years ago)



Posted: 2015-06-16
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Armin Ibrisagic

Introducing the MMOre GoatZ Edition for Xbox!

We've had a ridiculous amount of requests for the MMO and GoatZ content on Xbox, so naturally we chose E3 as the perfect time to reveal our plans to bring all that jazz to the Xbox. Both Xboxes. Both the One and the 360. Why are the names so confusing? Anyway.

The porting work is going great so far, we'll have the MMOre GoatZ edition out on Xbox this year, but we don't know exactly when. But it's working. Nothing has exploded yet so we're pretty optimistic. We can do this!

Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer for the MMOre GoatZ edition right here.

Posted: 2015-05-13
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Armin Ibrisagic

Coffee Stain Studios looking for new faces


We are still a small studio, and we don’t have any ambitions in becoming much bigger. We like to work in smaller, more focused teams, so you need to like that as well. The upsides are that you will have influence in the project being made, and that’s the way we like it. You will also need to be flexible, as we often don’t know what awaits past the next corner. And frankly, you will need to be really good at what you do. Coffee Stain Studios is located in Skövde, Sweden and we really like to actually work with the people we work with so having your face around is a huge plus.

We also believe that diversity is a good thing, and would like to see more female applicants.

Below we have listed what skill sets we are in need of. Some of them might not be a full time job, so being able to do something more than your main specialisation might be necessary.

Level Artist

Your job would include creating visually appealing levels while making them interesting and fun to play. We would love to have someone who has worked in the business prior to coming here.

3D Artist

We are looking for great environment artists. It’s a big plus if you’re great at characters too, but environment is more important. We need artists that are familiar with the pipeline for creating assets all the way from sculpting and modeling to texturing and implementing the asset into the game editor. Knowledge of PBR pipelines with programs such as Substance are also a big plus as we are moving towards Unreal Engine 4. Other programs that you probably should have some experience in are Maya, Photoshop and Zbrush. It’s awesome if you’re great at characters too, but environment is more important.

2D Artist

We would like to see someone who can create great concept art for upcoming titles. Your job would also include creating different kinds of promo assets. These are often needed when you have the least amount of time, so flexibility and being able to adapt is of essence.


You know the stuff you click on and interact with. Ideally you know how to draw em as well as implement them. Since we work in Unreal Engine (3 & 4), prior experience with these engines is really good.  

Technical Animator

We need someone with a technical mind to work on everything from rigging and skinning to implementing animation trees and behaviors inside the engine. We are using Maya for our animations, which makes experience in Maya kind of a requirement. Being able to script tools for Maya is a plus but not a necessity.


We need someone that are good at making particle effects and implementing them into the world and game elements.

If any of this seem interesting to you, please don’t hesitate to get back to us at:

Posted: 2015-05-07
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Armin Ibrisagic

That’s right. GoatZ is the latest DLC for Goat Simulator and it will be the only survival game on Steam that isn’t in Early Access!*

*not totally sure if this is even true, to be honest we didn’t bother to look it up. But it’s still pretty funny, right?


  • Mandatory crafting system because everyone else is doing it

  • Zombies that bug out. There’s a pun here about actual living bugs, but we’re not going to bother

  • You can craft anything in the world, as long as it’s one of the half dozen weapons in the game

  • Zombies, because this is a zombie game, remember?

  • A pretty big new map with some stuff in it

  • Completely realistic survival mode where you have to eat every damn five minutes to survive because Dean Hall & Garry Newman said so

  • Tons of unlockable new goats with special powers (wow, never thought I’d ever write that sentence a couple of years ago. Also hi mom)

Watch the amazing trailer right here:

Actual serious information from Coffee Stain

Initially we were planning for the MMO expansion to be the final thing we did for Goat Simulator - we wanted to go out with a bang. We had made some free DLC before, but we wanted our last DLC for Goat Simulator to be the coolest thing we've done so far before we moved on to new projects. But after the MMO simulation was launched we received an avalanche of people asking us to keep making DLC, and that they would even consider paying a couple bucks for future content, as long as it was as good as the MMO DLC. So, we at Coffee Stain have taken help from Gone North Games (the developers behind A Story About My Uncle) to bring you GoatZ - the only zombie survival game on Steam that isn't in Early Access.


GoatZ will be available to purchase on Steam as a DLC for Windows, Mac and Linux for $4.99. It will also be available for purchase as a separate app on iOS and Android for the same price.


About Gone North Games

Baby-faced studio Gone North Games basically erupted from nowhere to release their first game A Story About My Uncle to critical acclaim, with Coffee Stain Studios as their publisher. Trust was built, goats were introduced, and they accepted the mission to help deliver GoatZ to a hungry public.

Posted: 2015-04-16
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Armin Ibrisagic

This is how our initial announcement looked, almost a whole year ago. It's been a long journey since then, but WE FINALLY GOT GOAT SIMULATOR TO RUN ON THE XBOX WHOOOOOO

GET READY PEEPS, Goat Simulator is now finally out on Xbox, and we welcome a whole new crowd of insane people that for some reason want to play a game where you do stupid shit with a goat.

Well, a part of my job is writing a blogpost about doing stupid shit as a goat so I'm no less sane than you people are.

Insanity aside, in case you ever had friends that owned an Xbox and not a computer, now is the time to tell them how to spend their own money.

Oh, and in case you didn't already know, Goat Simulator is out on both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. That's all the Xboxes. Except the original Xbox, but who cares about that one anyway.

In case you haven't seen our glorious release trailer, I know EXACTLY how you should spend your next 1 minute and 39 seconds.

Posted: 2015-03-26
Posted by:
Armin Ibrisagic

Sup goatz,

To be honest, we were kind of expecting the MMO patch to be the final thing we did for Goat Simulator. But you people watched the trailer so many times, and made such a big ruckus that you convinced us to keep making EVEN MORE CONTENT. Which is awesome because Goat Simulator is a hilarious game to work on. 

So, we're planning a whole new thing for Goat Simulator. We have to admit, it's been pretty hard to top our last update since it basically patched in MMO simulation into the game. How does one top that? However, after long discussions and many laughs at our office, we think we've finally nailed it. This is going to be even better than the MMO thing. Holy shit we totally want to tell you all what it's going to be about but we still have to keep it secret a little bit more. You'll know why once it comes out.

How do you top a microwave? We know how. You'll know soon.

This time, we'll make sure to release the new content both on PC and mobile at the same time, so pick your poison.  It's really hard to be this excited about something and not being able to say anything. You'll see soon!

Our only clue to what our new big thing will be about is that it definitely won't be a fantasy MMO. Far from that!

Posted: 2015-02-17
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Armin Ibrisagic

The Westport Independent

What is this, you ask? Well, it is a completely new game that Coffee Stain Studios will be publishing on Steam this year!

The Westport Independent is a censorship simulator taking place in a totalitarian post-war state. You play an editor on one of the last independent newspapers in the country. Your job is to edit articles and decide the tone of the headlines, affecting the people’s opinion of both the rebels and the Loyalist government. With an increase of rebel activity and an ever watching government breathing down your neck, whose truth will you print?

Pretty exciting stuff, right? But wait, there's more:

Game features

  • Change the content and meaning of your articles by censoring them to your liking. While you can’t lie, you don’t have to tell the whole truth either.

  • Employees with fleshed out character, who will not only react to your actions, but also discuss them with other colleagues.

  • Hundreds of articles, with different articles being picked for each playthrough.

  • Adaptive stories where your actions affect the opinions of the people, which in turn affects what happens in the city, and lastly affects the stories you receive.

But wait, does this affect Goat Simulator at all? Nope, the developers working on The Westport Independent are a completely seperate, but just as talented team called Double Zero One Zero (you can check out their website here). We at Coffee Stain will just help pay for the development costs and publish the game on Steam. But Goat Simulator is still going forward full speed ahead, and in fact, we'll have some pretty interesting things to show off in the near future! In the mean while, why not check out the brand-new trailer for The Westport Independent here.


Posted: 2015-01-26
Posted by:
Armin Ibrisagic

Patch 1.1 has hit mobile!

This weekend something amazing happened. And I'm not just talking about me playing Heroes of the Storm in my underwear for 2 days straight. Goat Simulator on iOS and Android has recieved its biggest update yet: the iconic 1.1 update, which brings along a whole new map, a bunch of new goats, and all kinds of crazy things to do with them! 

If you find some exciting new stuff in the new map, don't be shy to share them on our Facebook:  or tweet them to me over at

If, by any chance, you're not able to download the patch or downloading the patch breaks your entire game, try these options listed here.

So what are Coffee Stain up to now? Well, we're doing some really exciting things for Goat Simulator, both for mobile and for the Steam version. Maybe I'll tell you more in our next blog update!

Armin Ibrisagic
Game Designer & PR dude

Posted: 2014-12-10
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Armin Ibrisagic

An update update. An update on the update.

Sup goats?

A lot of you have been asking if we're going to add more maps and goats to the mobile version (iOS and Android) of Goat Simulator. The answer is: of course we are! Our mobile team has been working on adding Goat City Bay and a ton of new goats to the iOS and Android version. It's just that it takes a really long time since we need to basically rebuild everything from scratch for it to even work on the mobile version. So it's not just to "put another map on mobile", it's months of optimizing, building and testing in a cycle that takes a really long time.

However, things are moving forward! We're hoping to be done with the patch somewhere around late January 2015. So that'll be in about a month and a half from now on. Now before you absolutely shit yourself, print out this blogpost and pray to it until late January 2015, know that we might move forward the release date in case there are crashbugs in the new map (since you guys always give us 1-star reviews if the app crashes)

It's going to be awesome, goats! The update will bring a lot of the cool stuff that patch 1.1 brought to the PC version, but it might differ on some parts too. You'll just have to wait and see =D

The xbox port is still in the works but it'll take some more time. We'll let you know as soon as we have a release date.

Hugs from your friendly neighbourhood goat,
Armin Ibrisagic
Game Designer & PR Manager